xTuple – World’s #1 Open Source ERP

Open Source — Better Process, Better Product.
So you can run your business with powerful tools that would have cost millions a few years ago.

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xTuple – World’s #1 Open Source ERP

Award-winning xTuple is the world’s leading suite of open source accounting, Corporate Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), supply chain management software for growing businesses to control operations, productivity and profitability. xTuple integrates all critical functional areas in one modular system: sales, financials, operations — including eCommerce, customer and supplier management, inventory control, manufacturing and distribution — powerful tools to Grow Your World®. Working with a global community of tens of thousands of professional users, our customers enjoy the ability to tailor operating system/platform-agnostic solutions to their requirements — with flexible licensing and pricing options.

xTuple has a solution to fit your business needs — from the free starter version to commercially-licensed PostBooks®, Distribution, Manufacturing and premium Enterprise Editions — and all support multi-currency and feature fully integrated custom reporting (both ad hoc operational reports and financial reporting).

Choice is paramount with xTuple. All Editions may be hosted on-site or in xTuple’s Cloud service (powered by Amazon) — Annual subscription or Perpetual License.

Choose a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection or enable an enhanced authentication security mechanism that scrambles your users’ passwords. You can assign individual privileges within the system, in as much detail as desired.

For Transportation Companies

From bikes to retrofits to military-style vehicles — xTuple software powers the world's transportation companies

For Service Providers

xTuple specializes in service providers — from trade show management to telecommunications to government to computer networks

For Health and Wellness Providers

Health and wellness products — promotional, private label and well known brands — all count on xTuple to manage their businesses

For Technology Providers

Technology providers — from testing to design and manufacture — are more productive with xTuple business solutions

For Manufacturers and Distributors

xTuple business software drives production efficiency — for manufacturers and distributors powering our world

For All Businesses

From innovations in vision and optics to wearable arts and crafts — xTuple helps manufacturers design and deliver unique products to market

"xTuple" (verb)

to grow; to increase exponentially.

Mission — xTuple helps companies of all sizes successfully implement powerful, and easy-to-use, open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to grow their business profitably. Delivering enterprise-class technology products and services at an affordable cost — one of the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of any ERP system on the market.

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This solution generally meets the business objectives, software requirements and budget constraints of the small and midsize business (SMB) market. The ERP application supports inventory-carrying organizations particularly well, and in many use case scenarios is superior to even the leading commercial ERP vendors in the same market space


Give your business partners and customers direct self-service, 24/7 access, from anywhere in the world. Integrated ERP and eCommerce to improve marketing and operational efficiencies.

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xTuple ERP Editions Comparison

Feature Title PostBooks® Distribution Manufacturing Enterprise
Database Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
International Language Packs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contacts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Opportunities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Incidents / Trouble Tickets Yes Yes Yes Yes
ToDos/Tasks Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quotes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sales Orders Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accounts Receivable Yes Yes Yes Yes
Purchase Orders Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accounts Payable Yes Yes Yes Yes
General Ledger Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shipping / Receiving Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inventory (Single Warehouse) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Item Master Information Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bills of Materials (BOM) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Work Orders Yes Yes Yes Yes
Project Management Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Currency Yes Yes Yes Yes
Financial Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Locations in Warehouse Yes Yes Yes Yes
Assemble-to-Order Configurator Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kitting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Time and Expense Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Company Financial Consolidation Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Warehouse Inventory Yes Yes Yes
Warehouse Transfer Orders Yes Yes Yes
Lot / Serial Control Yes Yes Yes
Item Transformations Yes Yes Yes
Returns / Service Management Yes Yes Yes
Revision Control Yes Yes Yes
Sales Order Reservations Yes Yes Yes
Drop-Ship Purchasing Yes Yes Yes
Requirements Planning (DRP/MRP) Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Level MRP Yes Yes
Master Production Schedule (MPS) Yes Yes
Bills of Operations Yes Yes
Breeder BOMs - Process Manufacturing Yes Yes
Capacity Planning Yes Yes
Lean / Constraint Management Yes Yes
Integrated 3rd Party Product / Pricing Service (e.g., Trade Service) Yes Yes
Advanced Sales Margin Handling Yes Yes
More Sales & Purchase Order Sequence / Structure Flexibility Yes Yes
Issue Inventory / Ship Directly from Sales Order Yes Yes
Vendor Special Pricing Agreements (SPA) with Contracts Yes Yes
Project Accounting-Budget / Financial Reporting Yes
xTuple Connect - Email, EDI, integration Yes
Fixed Asset Management, Depreciation, Maintenance Yes
Enhanced Commissions Yes
Quality Control Yes
xTupleCommerce Web Portal Core Yes

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